Blackjack dealer rules: what it is all about

Blackjack is a wonderful high frequency game, which is easy to understand and to be learnt. However, blackjack 21 dealer rules may be different from time to time as there are could be an enormous amount of varieties. The varieties usually refer to slight differences in making the score as well as slight difference in placing the wagers, especially when it is needed to be doubled. In all other respects, it is all stays the same most of the times and the general terms also stay the same. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what makes the game on its own for every dealer.

Blackjack general dealer rules

Blackjack dealer rules are often associated with basic, standard 52 cards pack, but in many casinos six deck game is regarded to be as the most popular. Cards are reshuffled from time to time and the dealer uses one plastic card. It is never dealt, but only used to indicate when it is time to reshuffle the cards. Betting is also one of the most important aspects as minimum bets and highest possible bets are established by the dealers. The size of the bets should be known in advance by the players. Here is what can be included in dealer rules:

  • Dealer shuffles and cuts portion of the cards on the table, whereas one of the players will be designated to cut the last 60-70 cards that will not be used;
  • The actual deal is based on the fact that the dealer issues one card being faced up in clockwise rotation and at the end one card being faced up to the dealer himself;
  • Another round of cards will be given to each player and it will also be faced up, whereas the dealer gets the final card being faced down;
  • If a player has a natural blackjack that features an ace and any ten-card, whereas the dealer does not, the player is immediately entitled for the payout;
  • Players may stand on their two cards or may request additional cards from the dealer;
  • Combination of an ace with any other card not including ten-card is called soft hand and the ace can be counted as 1 or 11;
  • Players may continue to take more cards, which is known as hitting.

A pair of two cards can be split by the player and when their term comes two hands can be constructed. Additionally, blackjack dealer rules may include 5 card or Charlie blackjack rule. It means that if the player has five cards hand without busting, then the player wins with 1.46% house edge taken into account.

Blackjack dealer tips

Many people may prefer to play blackjack online at home in a company of friends or with the family members. It means that casino general casino blackjack dealer rules may apply and some tips may be required. People may also use some variations of the rules if it is needed. Here are some of them:

  1. Cards should be dealt only when all players have made their bets;
  2. When the dealer’s face up card is one of the aces, players may double their stake;
  3. If a bet is paid and collected, it is never returned;
  4. The major advantage that a dealer has is that player will always have to make the first move;
  5. If any player goes busted, the wager of the player loses no matter what a dealer has too;
  6. When it all comes to the plastic card insert, it is always time to reshuffle.

Blackjack dealer rules may also vary in different ways when dealer’s card is an ace, especially when it comes to side bets. It is up to the dealer to establish the rules whether side bets exist or not.

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