Live blackjack online: a game with a minimal probability of cheating!

Experienced gamblers recommend that beginners adhere to several rules that will protect against substantial losses. Firstly, it is better to play with live dealers and only in trusted online casinos. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for scammers to create a scripted blackjack and trick naive newcomers. Therefore, it is worth playing live blackjack online in best licensed online casinos. Secondly, experienced gamblers strongly recommend that users refrain from all-in bets. They should bet no more than 10-15% of the bank for one box.

Live Blackjack Online: General Aspects & Best Options 2020

Many gambling operators offer live dealer blackjack Australia. Real croupiers work at tables located in particular studios or halls of land-based clubs. From there, a continuous video broadcast is conducted, which allows online casino customers to monitor the gameplay. Users make bets through the program, playing on the computer. They have the opportunity to chat with partners and dealers, look at the table from various angles, customize the interface, and use other tools. The benefits of AU online casino blackjack tournaments are obvious:

  • Availability from anywhere in the world;
  • Frequency;
  • No incidental expenses;
  • Democratic conditions;
  • During live blackjack online tournaments players can use hints and cheat sheets for card counting;
  • Safety;
  • Guaranteed participation, and so on.

In live blackjack, decks mix the croupier, not the random number generator. Exited cards are going to the chipper. Theoretically, this makes it possible to count cards in live casinos. In practice, numerous difficulties arise. To understand how to win blackjack, users need to know at least in general terms about the features of its online mode. Most options today use four, six, or eight decks. After stirring, the decks go to a container from which the dealer can pick one card. Games with one or two decks take place out of the hands of the dealer. After the distribution, the players take turns deciding how to play their hands. Following the sum of the points, they decide on how to win them in live blackjack online with a high probability to get 21. After all the players have finished, the dealer acts under the established rules: he must take more to 16 and must stand at 17 or more.

Playing Live Blackjack

The Advantages of Playing Live Blackjack With Mobile Phone

A free game has many advantages, but live blackjack online for real money gives the players a sense of excitement and the hope of breaking the jackpot. If they are familiar with the rules of the game, then why not try playing for real money. Most casinos accept several currencies for bets: dollars, euros, and even cryptocurrency. To start playing live blackjack for money, participants need:

  • personal account. To do this, they should register the chosen online casino website. The procedure is simple and takes a few minutes. It is necessary to identify the player;
  • have a positive balance of the game account. They can replenish the game balance through the account using a credit card, self-service terminals or electronic payment methods;
  • choose a slot machine, click on the “play for money” button, or select a game with a live dealer ( learn dealer rules first).

A mobile version of blackjack online casino live dealer is provided at every online casino. Some gambling portals even offer users to download a special mobile application and play through it. The difference between the versions for smartphones and computers is only in the interface. Rules, side bets, bet sizes remain the same.

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