In the variation of the game Blackjack – Switch Blackjack , 8 decks from deuce to ace take part. Before the start of the deal, the dealer shuffles all eight decks, thus forming one deck of 416 cards and allows the player to move.

The cards in the Blackjack Switch game have the following denominations: from 2 to ten in their face value, jack, queen and kings have ten points, and an ace can be equal to either one point or eleven.

Blackjack Switch Table

The value of an ace in Switch Blackjack can vary within these limits, which depends on the combination of cards with this ace. If an ace is counted as 11 in combination with a six, then such a combination is called “soft”, if an ace is counted as 1 in combination with six and ten, then such a combination is considered “hard”. Note that in both cases the total of the points is 17.

Before the deal, the Blackjack player makes bets, then the dealer gives him two cards for each sector, and only takes one card for himself. If you roll a combination of tens and aces, then, as in the classic blackjack Switch it is called blackjack . You can call it that only right after the deal; after drawing cards, such a Blackjack combination is not.

The main difference between Switch Blackjack is that it is possible to replace the top two cards on the boxes. This opportunity is free and multiple, that is, you can use it until the time when no other actions are taken on the box. Thus, playing Blackjack Switch is more enjoyable and easier.

There is also, as it were, a bonus game (Switch) , or a bet. It is done so that the first four cards in the box will give one pair, two pair, three of a kind or four of a kind in combination. In the first case, the payout ratio in Blackjack Switch is 1 to 1, in the second – 5 to 1, in the third – 8 to 1, in the fourth – 40 to 1. Such a game in Blackjack Switch is called a SuperMatch.

The operation of replacing two cards in a box is called a Switch . A bet on a super match is essentially an additional bet, so it cannot be made until the main bet has been made on the game, or rather, on this box. First, the super match begins, and after it the main game of Blackjack Switch continues.

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