Online gambling has been gaining a lot of attention over the past years. Millions of people around the world are indulging in this classic yet a fresh form of leisure. There is really no secret to its success. It’s one of the things that lets us connect nowadays. However, gambling is one of those niches that comes with very specific laws and regulations from state to state. Is gambling legal in New Zealand? Yes. Now let’s take a look at the specifics of online casino law in New Zealand.

The gambling act

Gambling has a rich history, so it’s not surprising that gambling has been legal on the island since 1835. However, a little more recently, in 2003, a new gambling act was passed. The act is the one document that controls all land-based and online casino regulation. It classifies gambling by type, like

● the lottery

● betting

● casino games

● bingo

● scratch cards

● instant games

● keno

● machine gaming.

Residents of New Zealand are allowed to participate in all these gambling activities. But things are not that simple. The act then puts restrictions on the prize value and separates them into four classes.

● Class 1. Prize and turnover less than 500 NZD. The only class that doesn’t require a license as it’s considered social gambling.

● Class 2. Prize value between 500 and 5 000 NZD. The turnover should not exceed 25 000 NZD. This class is reserved for charity and non-profit organizations.

● Class 3. Prize and turnover over 5 000 NZD. Requires a license and can only be conducted by companies.

● Class 4. Machine games. Requires a license.

All this concerns land-based casinos and institutions. Interestingly, online gambling is technically illegal. But only if you play in a New Zealand-based online casino. The NZ gambling commission has no problem with residents playing slots on offshore websites. You can play any game with any amount of money as long as you’re in a foreign licensed online casino. Any websites based in New Zealand and targeted at its residents will be punished by the commission. Naturally, countless casinos from the rest of the world are offering their services to New Zealanders. They are the only legal NZ online casinos.

The license

An online casino license is something you should be concerned about no matter what country you reside in. This is one thing that guarantees the reliability and honesty of the company you play with. Considering the specifics of New Zealand gambling laws it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s not just any license you’re looking for. A license has to be issued by the New Zealand Gambling Commission. They are the ones in charge of all casino license applications. If they approve a casino’s application, it becomes a legitimate online casino in NZ. It is further regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs.

You have nothing to worry about playing in an online casino that has the required license. Moreover, the laws don’t require any tax on your winnings. The tax only applies to professional players. There’s nothing stopping you from having some fun online.

These laws and regulations are in place for one simple purpose. Gambling should be beneficial for everyone involved and do no harm to anyone who engages in it. The act puts a limit on the turnover amount in order to avoid people spending too much money on the game and possibly developing an addiction. Casinos should be fun and carefree. While it’s a little counter-intuitive, rules and regulations actually help to keep it that way. If you don’t feel like you’re having a good time, consider stepping away. Take care of yourself and play responsibly.

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